The Most Complex And Advanced Equipment Inciner8 Have Ever Manufactured

Over the last few months Inciner8 have been working long, hard hours to produce one of the most complex units to have been manufactured so far

by Alex Ferguson | Monday 16 September 2013

The unit, due to be despatched on the 19th September, will begin its journey from Southport down to Tilbury. The unit will then depart for Jeddah taking approximately 12 days.

Due to the sheer size of this equipment the Inciner8 Logistics & Operations department have had to source alternative loading and transport methods. They will be loading the equipment into 3 x 40ft High Cube – Open Top containers with the use of cranes, forklifts and additional loading equipment - far more complex to the usual loading methods!

Alex Ferguson, Logistics Manager, commented ‘It is an exciting time for Inciner8 as this new equipment marks the start of a new era.’


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Monday 16 September 2013 / file under Utilities | Construction