Acid Resistant Resin Flooring

Do you work with hazardous chemicals? Are your staff dealing Sulphuric Acid, Methanol or Methyl Ethyl Ketone?

by Peter Kendrick | Friday 23 August 2013

Relining Of Nitric Acid Bund
If so, you need to think of having Acid resistant coatings and floorings in your place of work, not only to protect you and the staff, but also to protect your place of work from chemical damage.

Any company that deals with chemicals or hazardous materials has to have the most stringent of safety rules and procedures. This is quite simply a must in the modern world of being a wholly responsible business.

Corporate responsibility should ensure that the mantra from management down to the floor is for a safe place of work and a safe method of work. Not only is it enough to talk the talk, companies have to show they are committed to health and safety by issuing clear guidelines and policies to their staff, but also ensuring that the workplace is safe to work in.

One company that offers a service of providing specialist flooring to many industries is Prokem. Anyone looking to go over and above the minimum of safety standards should check out Prokems quality acid resistant resin flooring.


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