200 Heaters For Poultry Farms In Ethiopia

Hassett Industries has won several tenders through a local company in Ethiopia to supply heaters to the poultry industry in Ethiopia. The total number of heaters sold there is well over 200 since 2010

by Anthony Derry | Tuesday 6 August 2013

The company makes a range of heaters designed for the localised heating of animals of all types. Animal husbandry applications include zoos, in pig and poultry farms, vivarium’s, dog and cat kennels, raring of pheasants and partridges and of course in homes for all types of pets.

These heaters have been used extensively in the UK market for the Pig Industry and in some cases for the raring of Pheasants. Several models are available with either single or double ceramic elements. They can be supplied with a variety of wattages depending on the use.

Ceramic elements are perfect for animal husbandry since they do not glow and consequently effect eyes or sleeping patterns. The heating effect from ceramic is also gentler than other forms.

These heaters can be very easily controlled with simple thermostats.


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