The New Single Source For Metrology Fixturing

Following the acquisition of R&R Sales LLC in 2012, Renishaw has developed an extensive new range of modular fixturing

by Chris Pockett | Wednesday 17 July 2013

Designed specifically for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), vision systems and its Equator™ gauging system - the new range offers a wide choice of base plates and components available in M4, M6 and M8 thread sizes, and can be utilised for measurement applications across multiple industries, such as aerospace, automotive and medical.

Renishaw CMM fixtures offer a wide range of base plates made from cast aluminium and coated with NiTuff hard coat anodise to resist wear. There are two types of pre-configured kits available depending on the part being fixtured; clamping or magnetic and clamping.

Renishaw vision fixtures offer two options which are dependent on the size of vision machine. The quick load corner (QLC) kit includes an acrylic base plate (either with multi-hole or multi-window design) and a QLC frame that is designed to fit the specific vision machine. A comprehensive set of components is also included. The interchangeable vision fixture (IVF) is recommended for larger machines and is customised for specific fixturing tasks. An IVF can include individual or multiple, standard or customised, acrylic base plates.

Renishaw Equator fixtures use kinematic base plates specifically designed for quick loading and unloading from the gauging machine. These base plates are available with M4 and M6 threaded holes, are made from cast aluminium and coated with NiTuff hard coat anodise to resist wear.

The Renishaw fixtures range can be purchased in preconfigured kits or individually, providing a quick and easy-to-use solution for any fixturing requirement. Custom solutions can also be designed and manufactured for specialised or specific tasks.


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