Czech Event Success For Simba Great Plains

Some 160 dealer and company personnel attended Great Plains International’s European Training Days, held at Kamen – some 50 miles from Prague in the centre of the Czech Republic

by Jonathan Wheeler | Wednesday 17 July 2013

Delegates inspect the Centurion - surrounded by Spartans!
Over 30 of the company’s machines were shown at the event, although the extensive schedule of working demonstrations could not proceed due to the extraordinary amount of rain that had fallen in the country in the weeks leading up to the event.

Among the machines exhibited at the event was the range of market entry specification cultivators that were also shown at Cereals, this event marking their introduction to a broader European audience.

Daniel Rauchholz, President of Great Plains International, says these machines extend the company’s offer to farmers:

“They mean the company now offers a much wider range of cultivators than before, and bring Great Plains’ market-leading standards of design and build to a huge range of farmers who could not otherwise benefit from them.

“Reaction from both farmers and distributors attending the event was very positive, and we are confident that they will help us increase demand for our products across all markets, including some that we have not been active in before.

“The event offered us an important opportunity to discuss with dealers and their customers what they need, which will help us make sound decisions on machinery development, something we look forward to continuing in future”.

Simon Revell, European Exports Director says the event highlighted the breadth of the company’s portfolio: “We had a number of newer dealers at the event and have received tremendous feedback from them. The event also served a valuable purpose for Great Plains staff from America, who were able to talk with people from right across Europe and get a sound picture of both the potential and the pitfalls of the market – something that will help guide future decisions”.

Here are comments from a selection of other delegates:

John Chapman, Product Specialist for Power Farming Group: “The event was excellent and everybody appreciated hearing the experiences of Great Plains staff and talk with delegates from all over the world and share experiences with them”.

Steve Lewis, Genesis Distribution, Northern Ireland: “I am very impressed with the new products and the quality of finish. Some of the new rollers – especially the HD – will be relevant to Northern Ireland and the new market entry specification cultivators will be attractive for people looking for a competitive price”.

Andrew Walker, Peacock & Binnington, Lincolnshire: “I was very impressed with the knowledge and experience of the Great Plains staff who made presentations, and there was a great mix of delegates with whom to discuss the issues raised. The new cultivators offer some useful options for UK farmers”.

Ruslan Timov, Great Plains Agro: “We had 13 people from three dealerships at the event and they were most interested to hear about Great Plains’ approach to one-pass oilseed rape establishment; vertical tillage and the Yield-Pro planter, all of which are new to the country. One-pass oilseed establishment does have potential to reduce costs, but it needs to be proved in Russian conditions”.


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