BHR Joins Active And Intelligent Packaging Industry Association

Demonstrating again the wide and diverse range of industries to benefit from BHR Group fluid engineering expertise

by Juan Ruiz | Tuesday 11 June 2013

AIPIA connects packaged goods manufacturers and processors in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, forwarders and distributors, governmental agencies and retailers, with the active and intelligent packaging industry. Its mission is to promote the commercial applications of Active & Intelligent Packaging solutions. AIPIA believes that implementation of new technologies in packaging is key to growth, enhancing efficiency, reducing waste and gaining control in sales at end-user level.

AIPIA is a hands-on association aiming to boost the active and intelligent packaging industry by offering:

• Implementation support
• Standardization platforms
• Commercial ready-to-market events
• Connecting industry players on the highest level
• Lobbying activities to various governments world-wide

Speaking earlier today, Dr. Gül Özcan-Taşkın, Senior Consultant within BHR Group said, “We are delighted to have been invited to become members of AIPIA. We are particularly looking forward to engaging with other suppliers to the packaging industry. Here at BHR Group, one of our many specialisms is understanding and analysing the dispersion of nanoparticles, nanoclays and nanoemulsions in liquids.

Our DOMINO research consortium pioneers work in this field and nanoclays are highly considered in packaging, especially in the food industry, due to their barrier properties. BHR Group DOMINO process designs provide valuable insight into the incorporation of nanoclays into a production process.”


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