BHR Group Announces The 22nd International Conference On Fluid Sealing

BHR Group, internationally recognised global consultants in innovative fluid engineering, announces the 22nd International Conference on Fluid Sealing, Düsseldorf, Germany, 3rd -4th December 2013

by Juan Ruiz | Saturday 9 March 2013

Efficient sealing impacts on the integrity and reliability of equipment and processes found in virtually every industrial sector. When equipment fails due to malfunctioning seals, it can result in hugely expensive costs; restorative costs, lost production, loss of plant or equipment availability, unacceptable health and safety risks, plus the association of a negative equipment image with end users. The challenge remains for engineers across the process plant, industrial equipment, machinery and transportation systems sectors to deploy cost-effective and compliant solutions to their complex fluid sealing requirements. To do this they need informed knowledge about the latest developments and an understanding of how advances made in other industries may have significance in their own.

The BHR Fluid Sealing Conference is the premier bi-annual event which facilitates the dissemination of the latest technologies and developments within the field of seals and sealing systems. Drawing on the achievements of its predecessors the conference will once again bring together the world’s leading experts to create the ideal forum for exchanging information on the latest products, techniques and systems. The conference has established a reputation for presenting new developments and it never fails to provide valuable and interesting information and novel insights into old problems. It is also an ideal opportunity for networking and knowledge transfer.

It is hoped and anticipated that topics such as the need for the sealing industry to drive international standards will be highlighted, as well as the increasing impact of LNG, refrigerant, CCS and energy efficient systems on sealing research.

Who should attend? The Conference will benefit anyone involved with new sealing applications in:

• Petrochemical, oil and gas
• Power generation
• Defence & aerospace
• Automotive / Transport
• Paper & pulp
• Pharmaceutical, food & drinks
• Metal, mining & mineral extraction industries
• Fluid power
• Research & Development
• Health and Safety

Düsseldorf has been selected as the conference venue due to the city’s status as a centre of high quality manufacturing and European hub with excellent international travel links.

The conference organisers aim to achieve a balanced level of participation from both industry and academia with contributions from both industrial manufacturers and users, plus cutting edge academic and industrial research.

For full conference and press information please visit the conference website at

BHR Group is an independent contract research, technology and product development organisation specialising in the application of innovative fluid engineering in a number of industrial sectors, including chemicals, food and drink, pharmaceutical, mining & minerals, water & wastewater, aerospace, energy and manufacturing industries. Established over 65 years ago, BHR Group works with industrial companies and governments helping them to maintain their competitive edge by providing independent and impartial expert advice, specialising in technical services and knowledge transfer.

Current capabilities cover seal design and development, seal ageing and lifetime prediction, nano-coating of elastomers, material behaviour and tribology, lubrication and wear, and fluid-material compatibility.


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