Inciner8 Merger Pays Off

9 months after Inciner8 Limited acquired the sheet metal and manufacturing expertise of Summerlin Engineering, the rational behind the strategic merger has turned into a reality

by Claire Egleton | Tuesday 5 March 2013

Their larger manufacturing capacity has enabled Inciner8 to secure and deliver larger projects on very short lead times, including 37 units to Russia and 20 units to Nigeria.

Furthermore, their newly acquired engineering expertise has put them in the position to manufacture in-house their revolutionary pollution control systems.

“With our exclusive new system already out in the field in such places as the Middle East, and currently being manufactured on site in Southport”, commented General Manager, David Summerlin, “this really supports the ethos of the acquisition. We are currently looking at a variety of new avenues in which the business can grow over the next 12 months. Our approach to exporting continues to drive our business forward. ”


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