Control Of Screening Operations Increases Productivity

The New Russell Gated Outlet from Russell Finex has been designed to ensure the screening of product is preformed more efficiently, helping to enhance productivity.

by Leigh Jenkinson | Wednesday 6 February 2013

In some instances particularly on high capacity check screening or grading applications, product can be discharged from the mesh before it has time to be fully screened. When materials are discharged prematurely through the oversize discharge outlet, this can result in the loss of good quality product. A way to overcome this has been to decrease the feed rate, however this reduces the throughput rate while also reducing overall efficiency. The Russell Gated Outlet eliminates the need to reduce the feed rate and ensures that your product is sieved effectively.

The Russell Gated Outlet operates via a pneumatically controlled gate, which is placed neatly inside the oversize discharge outlet to control the flow of material. The gate can be automatically opened and closed providing complete control of product discharge. While the gated outlet is closed the product remains on the mesh to ensure it has been screened fully before opening the gate to discharge the product.

The outlet can be used on the entire range of Russell Finex sieves and separators, and can be easily retrofitted to any existing Russell Finex sieve. The gate is available in FDA approved natural rubber, neoprene or polyurethane to comply with the needs of a wide range of industries including food, pharmaceutical & chemicals.

The Key benefits of the Russell Gated Outlet are:

• Increased productivity- oversize material is ejected automatically with no need for manual intervention.

• Improved screening efficiency - allows product to be sieved and only oversize material is ejected through the oversize discharge outlet

• Increased profitability- loss of good product is reduced

For over 75 years, Russell Finex has manufactured and supplied screeners, separators and filters to improve product quality, enhance productivity, safeguard operators' health, and ensure powders and liquids are contamination- free. Throughout the world, Russell Finex serve a variety of industries with applications including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, adhesives, plastisols, paint, coatings, metal powders and ceramics.


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