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Kee Safety, the tubular structures specialist, has created an informative video to highlight the benefits of using standard fittings to construct handrailing

by Shereen Russell | Tuesday 11 December 2012

Available to view on the Kee Safety website (, the short film compares good and bad railing installations, and illustrates the durability of systems which have been installed with Kee Klamp® fittings, when compared to fabricated structures.

The video clearly highlights how fittings provide high quality, reliable and long lasting structures. Handrailing is generally installed to separate people from hazards. However, as the film illustrates, a welded barrier is prone to corrosion and often becomes a danger itself. Installing a Kee Klamp® system provides a galvanised structure that is corrosion resistant. The repair and maintenance element of working with fittings is quick and easy, as the damaged section is simply removed and replaced immediately. When rectifying a damaged welded handrail, the fabrication has to be completed off site, resulting in a more costly and time consuming process.

Kee Safety’s cast iron Kee Klamp® fittings are supplied hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and are fitted with Kee Koat® corrosion protected grub screws and ThredKoat® recess protection to ensure that they remain comprehensively corrosion resistant. This comprehensive selection of simple to use, galvanised malleable cast iron fittings allow pre-cut lengths of standard tubing (from 21.3mm to 60.3mm) to be connected together to form handrailing and other types of tubular framework structure. Using Kee Klamp® fittings results in a finished structure with uniform appearance which meets guaranteed design loads.

All fittings within the Kee Klamp® range incorporate an integral socket screw which locks the fitting securely onto its tube to give an excellent slip load performance. The extensive range ensures that they can also cope easily with any changes in direction or gradient, and accommodate requirements for adapting or extending an existing structure. Fittings are available in a powder or anti-bacterial coated finish. Kee Klamp® tubular fittings are manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 1562 & 1563.

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