Chemineer Mixers Head To Turkmenistan

Mixing specialists Chemineer (part of Robbins & Myers) have won an order to supply four 56” static mixers for a major gas field development in Turkmenistan

by Neil Davies | Thursday 1 November 2012

Chemineer In Turkmenistan
To enable essential sulphur recovery, Chemineer’s HEV’s (High Efficiency Vortex) will mix gas in a process that consists of a thermal stage followed by a minimum of three catalytic reaction stages, with sulphur removed between stages by condensers.

Chemineer, who are fully licensed for sulphur recovery applications, have vast experience in this field, previously providing, for example, a bespoke 56in (142cm) HEV static mixer at one of the world’s largest gas processing plants in Abu Dhabi.

Specially commissioned by Fluor Corporation for Abu Dhabi Gas Industries (GASCO), this HEV successfully maximises the conversion of the plant’s turbulent energy during mixing by controlling vortex structures generated by the mixing elements.


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