Fifth Anniversary For DOMINO Research Consortium

BHR Group is an independent contract research and technology organisation specialising in the application of fluid engineering including nanotechnology in a number of industrial sectors

by Juan Ruiz | Tuesday 23 October 2012

DOMINO Research Consortium
Established for over 65 years, BHR Group works with industrial companies aiding them maintain their competitive edge by providing independent and impartial expert advice, specialising in technical services and knowledge transfer.

BHR Group has a particular specialism in the area of nanoparticle dispersion with several years of experience in running research consortia. Findings from our studies aid our clients in solving their fluid engineering problems, improving processes, reducing costs and adding value.

In 2007 we successfully brought these two competencies together in the DOMINO programme in order to study the dispersion and stabilisation of micro and nanoparticles, as well as delamination nanoclays in liquids.

The overall objective of DOMINO has been to enable its member companies take to market new products with nanomaterials in their formulation and hence improved properties. The DOMINO workprogramme, which is discussed and reviewed annually with member companies, comprises experimental studies, numerical modelling work leading to the development of design procedures.

DOMINO has been very successful and today, Dr. Gul Ozcan-Taskin, Senior Consultant and Project Manager of DOMINO expressed her appreciation to her colleagues and the consortium members, “We are delighted to be celebrating this milestone and look forward to another 5 years and beyond! We are in the process of reviewing the workprogramme for the coming project year and already have a series of exciting new projects for the Steering Committee to select.”


Dr Gul Ozcan-Taskin
BHR Group
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