New Guide Features Cutting Edge Products

Fine Tubes, the UK’s leading manufacturer of high precision tubes, has been featured in a new publication that showcases the cutting-edge work of Plymouth's most advanced high-tech manufacturers

by Patrick Johnson | Sunday 7 October 2012

Plymouth Manufacturers' Group (PMG) has brought out the ‘Advanced Manufacturing in Plymouth’ guide both as a digital and printed edition, aimed at encouraging investment to the city. The publication contains informative case studies of a selection of the leading manufacturers in Plymouth and features Fine Tubes’ key role in the ground-breaking Skylon space plane project.

The guide underlines the importance of manufacturing to Plymouth's economy which, says PMG secretary Steve Gerry, contributes an annual turnover of £1.6 billion a year and puts £500 million into the city's economy every 12 months.
"This is the second in a series of publications to raise our profile and get the message out that manufacturing is alive and well and very successful in Plymouth. And it is worth a big chunk of the local economy, a much higher proportion than the national average,” revealed Mr. Gerry.

He explained that the guide was not just aimed at promoting local manufacturing but also to be used to encourage investment and persuade firms to consider locating in Plymouth.

"We are giving the book to MPs and we are giving it to people in Plymouth City Council that have access to potential inward investors,” Mr. Gerry said. "We see it as a tool for making potential inward investors aware of what's already here. If there was a new manufacturer looking to set up, pivotal to this is knowledge of what's already here."

The ‘Advanced Manufacturing in Plymouth’ guide is available at


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