Renishaw To Exhibit New Line Of Versatile Gauges

Visitors to the MMM Roadshow 2012, 17th October at The Centre for Manufacturing Excellence in Rainham, Essex, will have the opportunity to see live demonstrations of Renishaws' Equator gauging system

by Chris Pockett | Thursday 30 August 2012

Renishaws Equator Gauging System
The Equator system is the first product of Renishaws' new gauging line, which is a radical alternative to traditional gauging systems.

Its patented low-cost design, unique in construction and method of operation, is capable of high-speed comparative gauging for the inspection of high-volume manufactured parts. The thousands of points collected during 3D scanning with the industry standard SP25 probe results in better metrology and enables effective form measurement. Every data point can be used for comparative measurement - one Equator can perform the same function of thousands of DTIs, LVDTs or handheld instruments.

Equator has been conceived and developed by working closely with automotive, aerospace and medical gauging users, alongside their manufacturing machines. The result is a lightweight, fast and highly repeatable gauge that operators can use with ‘push-button' simplicity. The Equator’s innovative gauging technology is based on the traditional comparison of production parts to a reference master part.

Re-mastering is as swift as measuring a production part and immediately compensates for any thermal effects, returning data that could have been collected in the temperature controlled quality room. Installation of Equator is possible in minutes, and re-configuration of the gauging system to cater for part design changes or to measure new parts is now possible in a fraction of the time taken with conventional custom gauging.

One of the UK’s first users of Equator is aerospace supplier FGP Precision Engineering Ltd. During an initial demonstration at Renishaw their Head of Quality Nigel Manning was “very impressed” with the new gauge, leading to it being added to FGP's arsenal of quality control options. He says, “Renishaw's Equator is a small, bench-top system that allows an operator to quickly and easily check a part between ops. The idea isn't that you inspect every feature, it's that you pick those features that control the process.”


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