Active Fluorescence Techniques Expert At Marine Science Conference

Chelsea Technologies Group will once again be exhibiting and presenting at the Challenger Society for Marine Science Conference & Mini-Expo (University of East Anglia, 3-5th September).

by Ellen Keegan | Sunday 19 August 2012

Active Fluorescence Techniques Expert Veronica Chang
Veronica Chan, one of Chelsea’s experts on active fluorescence techniques, will be presenting a paper entitled "How recent technological advances have enhanced and extended the applications for Fast Repetition Rate fluorometry".

On display at the Mini-Expo will be the new FastOcean multi-wavelength Fast Repetition Rate fluorometer systems for in situ and laboratory studies of phytoplankton photosynthesis and gross primary productivity. These high performance systems are suitable for use in a wide range of applications from the assessment of primary production within the world's oceans to environmental monitoring within reservoirs and rivers.

Also on display will be the low cost Lux family of miniature digital fluorometers optimized to monitor Chlorophyll a, Turbidity, Hydrocarbon, Gelbstoffe, Phycoerythrin Cyanobacteria, Phycocyanin Cyanobacteria and many dyes including Rhodamine and Fluorescein. The highly successful UV AquaTracka, which has long been the industry standard for hydrocarbon detection and can monitor crude and refined oil from coastal margins to deep ocean, will also be on show.

The focus of the event will be on showcasing cutting edge marine science & technology. This event is open to day visitors with a ticket price of £20 which covers morning and afternoon refreshments and a hot lunch.

For more information or to arrange a meeting please contact Ellen Keegan - details below.


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