A Big Bust Up

The NEW Draper Expert Ground Buster does exactly what the name says and is designed for use in remote locations where no power supply is available

by Stephanie Crowe | Thursday 14 June 2012

Draper Expert Ground Buster
It maximises force to bust through hard ground, concrete, concrete blocks, rocks, solid clay, tree roots and other tough surfaces found during demolition and hole digging.

The Ground Buster® is available in 8kg and 10kg models and is made from heavy duty carbon steel with a hardened chisel point. The internal sliding weight in the shaft gives a secondary impact that intensifies the force applied, helps to prevent bounce back recoil and reduce jarring and vibration in the hands, wrists and body.


Jean-Marie Vernon
Draper Tools Ltd
+44 (0) 23 8026 6355

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