Ovivo Detritor Grit Removal Technology Protects Assets

The Detritor grit removal process from Ovivo is set to significantly prolong the life of mechanical equipment at Severn Trent Water’s Minworth Sewage Treatment Works in Birmingham

by Jerry Thorne | Wednesday 2 May 2012

Ovivo Detritor Grit Removal
Removing several large skips of abrasive, heavy and insoluble grit every week, the four Detritor systems will help extend the life of all machinery to significantly decrease operational and maintenance costs.

Part of Severn Trent Water’s upgrade to improve process performance of the 1 billion litre per day plant, Ovivo’s 13m diameter Detritor units were chosen for their robustness and capability to handle the high flows at Minworth, the second largest Sewage Treatment Works in the UK.

Richard Thomson, BNM Alliance M&E Project Manager, commented: “We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Ovivo, who have outperformed expectations. The Detritor technology stops grit from damaging vital equipment and processes, reducing front-line maintenance requirements”.

He added: “Ovivo have also demonstrated exemplary health and safety standards, as well as timely delivery. Overall, it has been an outstanding engineering achievement based on robust and well-proven designs”.

One of Ovivo’s bridge-mounted grit removal systems, the Detritor units and reciprocating rake classifiers, are designed for simplicity, reliability and maintenance-free operation. It requires minimal head and flow control. Also available are Screw Classifiers grit removal and grit washing technology, as well as Grit Washers equipment, developed to produce consistently clean grit.


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