New Pfaudler Valves Find Right Outlet

Pfaudler can now provide a range of bottom outlet valves that provide superior product control through highly accurate temperature measurement ...

by Chris French | Monday 23 April 2012

Pfaudler’s Fire Safe Valve
... and also meet the increasing demands for environmental protection.

Pfaudler’s bottom outlet valves are particularly suitable for vessels operating at low liquid levels where a temperature probe on the baffle will not reach or where confirmation of heat dispersion/dual process monitoring is required.

Pfaudler’s range of bottom outlet valves includes the Fire Safe Valve, which is designed to address situations where a potential leak of fluid from a reactor can pollute the environment or feed a fire. Fire Safe is tested to withstand a fire of 30 minutes and still remain functional.

Improving product control through highly accurate temperature measurement is just one of the benefits to be gained from a Free Process Audit by the Process Solutions Group (PSG), which brings together Pfaudler and three additional Robbins & Myers’ companies, Edlon (fluoropolymer coatings), Chemineer (mixing) and CRS (servicing and maintenance solutions).


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