Webtec Extends Range Of Rugged Low-Leakage Hydraulic Control Valves

Webtec Products Ltd has extended the BG4D range of rugged oil-hydraulic directional control valves, due to be available from April 2012, to include a built-in relief valve

by Graham Foulston | Friday 30 March 2012

Webtec BG4D Range
The BG4D series of valves is widely used across industries as diverse as marine, mining, construction and utility machinery for controlling the operation of hydraulic actuators, especially where low leakage is important.

The BG4D range is designed for heavy duty where low internal leakage is important and is available with lever, cam, air and oil pilot operation for flows up to 100 lpm (25 gpm). The addition of the relief valve option will add further to the range. The relief valve is shown here on the lever operated BG4D, but it can also be fitted to other versions of the BG4D family.

Further information is available on Webtec’s website - details below


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