Renderplas Wins BBA Approval For PVCU Beading

Following exhaustive performance testing, Renderplas PVCu beads for rendering, plastering and dry lining applications have been fully approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA)

by Richard Harley | Monday 19 March 2012

Renderplas BBA Approved PVCU Beading
The BBA approval is the Gold Standard for construction products. All bead types for external rendering in the Renderplas range are BBA certified, and now the company’s Movement Joint bead, which allows for thermal movement of the render and for areas with a structural movement joint under the render, is the first and only PVCu bead of its type to achieve this prestigious industry approval.

As an Agrément Certificate holder Renderplas will be subject to twice-yearly production inspections throughout the life of the Certificate to ensure that Renderplas products continue to meet the BBA-agreed specification. The first of these inspections took place in August 2011 and confirms that standards are always maintained and Renderplas beads are as good as ever.

In order to gain BBA certification, samples of Renderplas PVCu beading were submitted for a comprehensive assessment involving laboratory testing and manufacturing inspections. The main focus of the BBA testing process is to evaluate the extent to which a product allows compliance with relevant Building Regulations and other statutory and non-statutory requirements.

Renderplas beads passed a wide range of qualified and independent performance tests conducted by the BBA, including an ash test, which identifies filler content in plastic-based products, and tests to determine the product’s impact strength and dimensional stability. To estimate the long term performance in service of Renderplas beads used for external rendering applications, specialised testing equipment was used to accelerate ageing and simulate the product’s exposure to aggressive elements such as UV radiation, water, and heat.

Renderplas pioneered the development of high quality beads in cost-effective, non-corrosive PVCu to address what many see as the aesthetic and performance shortcomings of traditional metal beads. Daniel Leedham-Green, Managing Director of Renderplas, comments: “BBA approval is a valued endorsement of our PVCu beading range and provides architects, specifiers and contractors with the assurance that Renderplas products can be specified with complete confidence for all kinds of rendering, plastering and dry lining applications.”

In its 22nd year, Renderplas was the UK’s first manufacturer of PVCu beads for the rendering, plastering and dry lining industry, and over the past two decades has led the market with innovations and developments. Renderplas gives a comprehensive choice of 12 colours across a range of different profiles, including ‘wide wing’ solutions and the pioneering PowerBead - the first PVCu bead that truly outperforms stainless steel to ensure ultra strong, straight edges, and which can be fixed directly to the substrate to save time and money.

Renderplas PVCu beads can also be used internally for wet plastering, and there are a further seven profiles specifically for skim plastering. Renderplas PVCu beads conform to BS EN 13914-1: 2005 External Rendering and are available through most leading builders merchants or direct from Renderplas (details below)


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