A New Generic Brand Cartridge From Ironsides Lubricants

Ironsides Lubricants have now made available PTFE MP 2.5 Grease in a decorated branded cartridge to compliment Ironsides Lubricants comprehensive range of grease products in this generic design style

by Robert Haw | Friday 2 March 2012

PTFE MP 2.5 Grease
PTFE MP 2.5 Grease is a premium quality Lithium Complex Grease, reinforced with PTFE and EP additives.

The grease has been successfully used in automotive and heavy plant industries and being especially suited to lubrication of sliding joints and crane extending booms, the addition of PTFE, helps the grease to reduce stiction and increase lubricity, resulting in reduced drag, power consumption and component wear. The Generic cartridges are now available in single box orders of either 12 or 36 400g cartridges.


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