Belgian Success For Ultrascape Flowpoint

Ultrascape Flowpoint Rapid Set Flowable Grout has been used to complete a large scale paving regeneration project in Zutendaal, Belgium

by Sarah Watkins | Friday 16 December 2011

Ultrascape Flowpoint Rapid Set Flowable Grout
Contractor, Madiceb, required a material to fill joints between Kandla Multicolour cobblestones in footpaths and pathways in the centre of Zutendaal. They looked to Nijst Natuursteen, natural stone specialists, to provide the answer.

Nijst Natuursteen, a distributor of Ultrascape’s Mortar Paving System for the past 7 years, recommended Ultrascape’s Flowpoint rapid set flowable grout.

Ultrascape Flowpoint is fast and easy to apply and allows large areas of paving to be grouted quickly and efficiently. Flowpoint is also rapid setting, allowing areas to be opened to foot traffic in 1 hour - perfect for busy pedestrianised areas, leaving a perfect, stain free finish.

Flowpoint can accommodate joint widths of 5-50mm and joint depths of up to 200mm in a single pass meaning the 2,520m² project was completed in just 7 days.

For further information on Flowpoint or any of Ultrascape’s mortar paving system or to sell this innovative product under license in your own territory, please contact the Instarmac Group plc - contact details below.

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