Densoclad Protection For Dug Well Pipes

Holford Gas Storage Ltd is in the process of constructing eight individual salt caverns within the Cheshire salt strata for the purposes of storing natural gas.

by John Bean | Thursday 17 November 2011

Each cavern is connected to a wellhead at the surface by a series of casings, the outermost casing being exposed at the surface. These outer casings have now been protected using a Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd tape wrapping system, with the work carried out by Alfred Bagnall & Sons (North) Ltd.

In order to give long-term protection in the saline corrosive environment Bagnalls have applied Winn & Coales’ Denso Primer D followed by Densoclad 70 tape to each unit. For extra protection Denso Mastic was then applied into the bottom void area of
each dug well unit.

Winn & Coales’ Densoclad 70 medium to heavy-duty tape is designed for anti-corrosion protection of medium and large diameter pipes, welded joints, bends and fittings, and is applied over Denso primer. The extremely tough pvc backing combined with polymer bitumen adhesive ensures complete protection and exceptional resistance to damage by impact, poor backfill or aggressive ground conditions.


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