Merlinsim 521 You Are Cleared For Take Off

Ground breaking new Air Traffic Control Simulation for university students. Coventry University the first to order

by Marion Neal | Wednesday 19 October 2011

The new ATC equipment is linked to Coventry’s existing MP500, 521 AND 520 simulators, and also their Harrier airframe, in the university’s superb aerospace laboratory.

Each simulator has to declare its flight plan, call sign, and registration via each individual Instructor Station. This information is then automatically displayed on the ATC Controller’s screen. The ATC screen can then be used to track all aircraft in the air, or on the ground awaiting instructions.

Details can be identified by moving the mouse cursor over the aircraft symbol in question. The helmet mounted display six axis Headtracker enables the ATC Controller to view and control the entire airport, and surrounding airspace.

This, obviously, enables endless scenarios, with students acting as ATC, and others as pilots. A valuable insight into the commercial pressures facing today’s pilots will highlight the importance of top class aircraft design.

The equipment shows how aircraft must be stable and controllable – in addition to flying their aircraft pilots must constantly communicate with each other and ATC. For the student acting as ATC the emphasis is on sifting vital information and giving precise instructions to his/her aircraft. Throw in a couple of ‘problems’ and it’s hard to see who has the more stressful job!

The system is totally flexible and can be configured to meet current or future course requirements. Students have the huge benefit of being able to fly the aircraft models they have designed themselves.


Marion Neal
Merlin Flight Simulation Group
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