MONO Equipment NEW Fusion Bread Plant Now Available Worldwide

The Fusion is the culmination of 2-years' product development and extensive refinement which has created one of the most efficient, accurate and flexible bread plants on the market today

by Roy Kitley | Tuesday 4 October 2011

MONO Fusion Bread Plant
This innovative new bread plant, which is being used by one of the largest UK supermarkets to feed their in-store bakeries, is now available to our international customers.

The Fusion Bread Plant is designed to dramatically improve output capacity and efficiency, increasing the volume of items that can be effortlessly produced compared with the more traditional methods involving manual labour.

Requiring just one person to set up and operate, the plant can divide, intermediate prove and shape dough pieces within a surprisingly small footprint enabling it to be used in premises where space is at a premium.

Ideal for the small to medium sized bakery, or in-store bakery, the Fusion Bread Plant consists of a Volumetric Divider, An Intermediate Prover and a Combination Moulder and is designed to produce a range of products including tin breads, bloomers, batons and French sticks, effortlessly, with speed, reliability and consistency.

The craftsmanship that goes into each made-to-order Fusion Bread Plant ensures that these machines are built to last. Teflon coatings and high performance polymers are used in the dough path, to prevent sticking and to improve dough handling. The copious amount of stainless steel used in the manufacture also guarantees them to be durable, hygienic and easy to clean.

Superb Features include:
Exceptional accuracy of product weight, size and shape for total control of product quality and consistency
Simple one-person operation reduces labour costs
Effortlessly produces a wide range of products including French sticks
User-friendly control panels for intuitive use
Small footprint which fits in most environments
Fully automated process requires minimum intervention
Integrated flour duster to prevent dough from sticking
Adjustable sheeting rollers to control the thickness of the dough piece
Ergonomic off-take height to avoid strain and improve efficiency
Ergonomically positioned seeding station included
Output conveyor features dough centralising and pre-moulding, for improved final mould quality
Isolated hopper cover on the divider for complete safety
Manufactured in hygienic stainless steel for quick and easy cleaning

To see the Fusion Bread Plant in action – please visit our channel on YouTube or view the video on our website: (search for ‘monoequip’); (click on the ‘Products Index’ then ‘Dough Handling’ tabs)


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