Croft On Track With F1 Team

One of the world’s most successful racing teams has called on Croft Engineering Services to help keep their motors running

by Rob Watkins | Thursday 1 September 2011

Croft Inlet Filters
The company gave Croft the contract to produce 40 inlet filters, which help to maximize the injection of fuel into the engine by reducing the chance of blockage from debris in the fuel tank. This reduces the chances of a drop in fuel pressure – keeping the cars running more efficiently and helping them remain competitive at the top level of motorsport.

The specialist filters were manufactured at Croft’s Cheshire production facility using precision equipment and utilizing the skills of staff acquired over many years in a variety of sectors. They were produced to exacting standards from a detailed specification and dispatched in time for testing before a recent race.

Neil Burns, partner at Croft, said: “We have worked with motor racing companies before which is one reason we were entrusted with this special assignment. There is now special interest in every Formula 1 race as we watch the cars with our filters built into them.”

Rob Watkins commented that, “ amongst the staff there is always a bit of a buzz when we get a big name organization using our services and in this case there are number of staff with a special interest in motor racing.”

Neil Burns said, “Our employees always take great pride in their work, but it is a real boost to see our customers go on to have successes and knowing we had a small part in that.”

Motor racing and F1 is the latest high profile sector to become a Croft customer which is celebrating 25 years of manufacturing in the UK this year. It once again underlines the need for quality, consistency and excellent service from customers who need performance and reliability from a supplier.


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Croft Engineering Services
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