MONO Equipment Features on BBC Top Hit The Apprentice

Mono Equipment was recently featured on the BBC’s highly acclaimed series The Apprentice for the week 9 task – ‘The Biscuit’.

by Roy Kitley | Wednesday 20 July 2011

MONO Staff Biscuit Making!
Andrew Jones, Managing Director at MONO Equipment said ‘We were very excited when we were approached by the production company, Talkback Thames, to see if we could accommodate the filming. It was quite an unusual request, however, one of the biscuit consultants was aware that we had an onsite test bakery and that we manufactured bakery equipment on site. Thankfully we were able to facilitate both teams as we also had a second bakery facility.

Candidates from teams Venture and Logic were sent by Lord Sugar to our test bakeries in Swansea, along with Board members Nick Hewer and Karren Brady, to develop a biscuit which they then had to pitch to three of the UK’s leading supermarket chains – Asda, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.’

After several concepts were produced and following feedback from customer focus groups, Jim Eastwood forged ahead to develop team Venture’s Special Stars biscuit while Melody Hossaini and Tom Pellereau worked in partnership to produce team Logic’s Bix Mix.

‘I was delighted to see the contestants using MONO Equipment’s range of Mixers, Eco-Touch Ovens, Confectionery Depositors and Chocolate Sprayers to produce the professional looking biscuits, which were immediately sent to the respective team members in London who had been working on the product packaging.

Andrew continues, ‘This was a very exciting time for MONO Equipment and the whole day was a great success after weeks of planning and preparation.’


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