Nuclear All Clear With Croft To The Rescue

Croft Engineering Services has helped to refine the process of filtering air containing radio active contamination in a nuclear power station

by Rob Watkins | Monday 18 July 2011

The recently completed project, for client Jacobs Engineering, was years specialist planning and design by Croft to produce special filters required to meet the exacting requirements of the nuclear sector.

Croft developed a highly-specialist filter, incorporating a mesh block densely packed with fine wire engineered by Croft’s highly skilled engineers which required over 300 man hours of research, development and final production to meet the specific specification. The filter will be used, as part of a ventilation system extracting air from a tank at the Hunterston Power Station in Scotland, where sludge containing low level contaminates is stored.

Jacobs Engineering called on Croft because of their specialist knowledge and flexible production methods to produce the specialist filter as part of a project the company is working on for Magnox, who operates the power station. The filter will critically remove moisture from the air before it is passed through an additional HEPA filter before safely being discharged into the environment.

Croft Partner Neil Burns said: “This is another example of the skills and expertise available to our customers and following years of investigation it is extremely rewarding to arrived at this practical solution to a challenging situation. Our engineers and designers are very proud of what has been achieved”

Mike Marshall, technical consultant with Jacobs Engineering, said: “The service we received from Croft was excellent. It was a challenging project to develop, but Croft has produced a well engineered solution.”


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