New Devilishly Cheesy Savoury Biscuit Range Launch In Europe

FAB FOODS have been supplying major international airlines, lounges and caterers with their highest quality snack biscuits and nut selection for 48 years - and are soon to launch in Supermarkets

by Gloria Howland | Monday 18 July 2011

Devilishly Cheesy
FAB Foods began in 1963 and have built a reputation to be proud of with our fine quality snacks, supplying customers including Air France, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, SAS, Singapore Airlines, Virgin and United Airlines to name a few. Today they supply in excess of 81 million sachets in varying weights from 10g – 35g.

The savoury snack biscuit range is baked with a variety of ingredients which include cheese, sesame seed, garlic, tarrragon and poppy seed - something to suit everyone!

Instantly recognised inflight under the “SKYBITES” banner, the frequent request from hungry passengers is “where can we find these delicious snacks on the ground?” Hence, the introduction of our family of three 50g Devilishly Cheesy products - Cheese & Poppy Seed Hexabites; Cheese, Garlic & Tarragon Baguettes and Mini Cheddarettes. These snacks are soon to be found in UK Supermarkets and Airports. In addition to English, the ingredients on these packs are printed in Swedish, Dutch, French and Italian.

FAB Foods are actively seeking agents in Holland, Belgium, France and Italy. Samples will be sent on request together with prices


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