UK Innovator Declares War On Costly Video Production and Marketing

Yoocast Limited, a new strategic partner to UK Export News, is headed by Chairman David Bowen-Jones, the experienced war correspondent and Emmy nominated TV producer.

by James O'Sullivan | Tuesday 12 July 2011

David Bowen-Jones
David is applying his work experience in the combat zones in Iran, Afghanistan and the Sudan to the problems of corporate communication.

"When a revolution or guerrilla war starts, the global audience does not know why they should know or care. Mistakes can kill you, new techniques have to be found to get coverage. Complicated explanations have to impact your audience before the competition. Digital video in business communications demand the same rigour in solving problems in new ways" he says.

David has interviewed 7 heads of state, rebel leaders, cabinet ministers, company chairmen, scientists, trade unionists, artists, writers, celebrities, and stars. He has reported for TV and radio and has produced TV news and documentaries with Peter Jennings and Barbara Walters for American Networks, and with Jon Snow and Roger Cook and others for top UK broadcasters.

This is a man who knows the media industry inside out and now says it's time for change. He's turning his experience to help bring about a revolutionary approach 'video production as a managed service'. "A campaign will work, a one-off report will not. Editorial messages must be fully thought through and consistently explained and dramatically communicated. Above all, new working methods must be radically changed to match new technologies. New methods must be found to make affordable high impact communications every day, every week or every month - especially in export markets where video is most urgently needed".

Yoocast was born out David and Rosie Bowen-Jones (herself and top national TV producer) and their evolution of corporate television services over the last 30 years with TV Production Partnership Limited, plus the life experience of Yoocast Limited CEO, John Allard, who comes from the world of IT where managed services have become a dominant Global industry. They took a hard look at the economics of video production where on the one hand they saw:-

1) Massive future demand for corporate video marketing and communications; yet on the other hand,
2) An industry stuck in a world of costly and confusing one-off video projects.

Despite an explosion of low cost video technologies, companies still can't afford to do video regularly and most still see video as far too complex, because of the way that the range of specialist skills are deployed.

Yoocast CEO John Allard, predicts that the corporate video production market will evolve just like IT did over the last 25 years - but at an even faster rate and into a new form of managed service where companies can outsource video production and marketing to a trusted 'one stop service provider.

The mission of Yoocast is simple - "Your best voices will influence and earn the respect of your target market through your own high quality, cost efficient digital media channel" .

Yoocast will deliver this as a service which, when part of a long term contract, can bring the cost of televisual quality web video production down by around 40-60% Yoocast also provides the innovation that's needed to stay ahead - with cutting edge solutions in video for advanced web, social media and mobile applications.


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Yoocast Ltd
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