Ultracrete Materials Are Flying High At Riga International Airport

Ultracrete and Ultrascape materials are specified for concrete repairs at main Latvian Airport

by Sarah Watkins | Wednesday 29 June 2011

Ultrascape & Ultracrete
Riga International Airport, in Latvia, has continued to grow in strength, with the number of passengers for May 2011 increasing 12% (compared to May 2010) to 478,423 and with hundreds of flights leaving daily it was no surprise that some of the concrete needed repairing at the airport.

After seeing a Materials Presentation held by Delta Urban, distributors of Ultracrete Highway Maintenance and Ultrascape Streetscape materials, Construction Projects Manager at Riga International Airport, Guntis Skangalis specified the use of Ultrascape Pro-Prime Slurry Primer and Ultracrete FTC High Strength Concrete Repair for the completion of the project.

Once the damaged concrete had been prepared using a hydraulic hammer, Ultrascape Pro-Prime Slurry Primer was applied. Ultrascape Pro-Prime is a polymer modified cementitious slurry primer specifically formulated to provide an exceptional bond between bedding concretes and all types of paving elements. Pro-Prime conforms to the strict demands of BS 7533 and is very easy to use as it is a pre-blended product – simply add water on site.

Once Ultrascape Pro-Prime Slurry Primer had been applied, Ultracrete FTC High Strength Concrete Repair was prepared. FTC, part of Ultracrete’s Repair and Refurbishment range, is a fast set high strength repair concrete suitable for small and large reinstatements; perfect for the job at hand.

FTC has a working time of 15-20 minutes and can be opened to foot traffic in 2 hours and vehicular traffic in 4 hours. The material has exceptional tensile strengths and excellent moisture content results after 24 hours.

The team at Riga International Airport, and Construction Projects Manager, Guntis Skangalis were pleased with the performance and results of Ultrascape Pro-Prime and Ultracrete FTC. The project was completed on time and with minimum disruption to passengers and employees.

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