Webtec Launches High-Powered Hydraulic Data-Logger At Hannover Fair

Webtec Products Ltd, based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, has launched potentially the most powerful range of portable hydraulic data-loggers on the market at the recent Hannover Fair

by Graham Foulston | Tuesday 24 May 2011

The HPM6000 series is designed for the hydraulic service engineer who needs advanced diagnostic features that allow the user to easily measure and record many hydraulic parameters, store them, analyse them and quickly share the results with colleagues and customers. The HPM6000 is the latest addition to the HPM series of hydraulic data-loggers.

The HPM6000 series is available in three models, with the ability to simultaneously measure up to 48 channels e.g. hydraulic flow, pressure, temperature, shaft speed. These include 32 Intelligent Digital (ID/CAN) channels, 12 Sensor Recognition (SR) channels, 4 auxiliary analogue channels plus 1 digital trigger. The HPM6000 series rugged housing is rated to IP64, includes expandable memory via USB/SD card, fast on-board processing power, a 5.7” colour display and a host of different ways to display and analyse the data including numeric, bar graph, line graph, and dial.

For ultra-high-speed applications, two of the analogue inputs can be logged every 0.1 ms or for condition monitoring applications data can be recorded just once every 24 hours, with many options in between; overall the HPM6000 can store over a billion data points.

The HPM6000 includes both USB and Ethernet connectivity and comes with HPMComm 7.0, Microsoft Windows™ compatible analysis software, as standard that enables the user to both review test results from the HPM6000 or setup the device remotely.

Webtec manufactures a wide-range of hydraulic sensors for measuring flow, pressure, temperature and shaft speed and specialises in configuring and building hydraulic service kits to meet custom requirements.


Mr M R Cuthbert
Webtec Products Ltd
+44 (0) 1480 353388

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