Magnetic Filtration Is The Quickest Way To Cut Machining Costs

When Glenn Healey installed Micromag magnetic filters on his company’s screw and CNC machines he was expecting to see cost savings on cutting oil and filter media.

by Rachel Ellis | Tuesday 19 April 2011

He wasn’t expecting to see that drill bodies no longer crashed because their through-holes had become plugged with oil, and that his company’s spend on replacement drill bodies would drop by 75%.

Healey is plant manager at Collison-Goll Ltd, a precision machine shop in Toronto. The company has a central filtration system for cutting oil but decided to take advantage of the benefits of magnetic filtration, installing individual Micromag MM20s on four machines.

Magnetic filters remove ferrous and para-magnetic particles down to less than a micron in size, much smaller than the particles removed by barrier filters. Although small, these particles can still significantly reduce the effectivenes of oils and lubricants, adversely affect cutting tools and product surface finish, and cause other problems, such as the blocking of drill body through-holes.

No filter consumables are used and removed contamination can be recycled, reducing disposal costs.

The benefits of magnetic filtration to Collison-Goll have been significant and immediate; the company will shortly be fitting its other machines with Micromag filters.


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