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When you visit Kennedy Hygiene the Products focus on environmentally friendly products is evident as they demonstrate their ongoing commitment to responsible product development and manufacturing

by Jeffery B Woods | Wednesday 6 April 2011

Products both existing and new, present an opportunity to combine corporate social responsibility without compromising on Kennedy’s customary high-quality engineering and design, or cost control and efficiency.

Their established eco-friendly strategy is further enhanced by their re-engineering programme, which allows Kennedy to minimize the amount of raw materials, plastic and hazardous components used in products, whilst escalating the life of consumables.

With an emphasis on their ‘Ecological Hygiene Systems’ and sustainable materials, the TEKNA Mechanical Retractable Towel Cabinet And Integra with their environmentally friendly cotton towel.

Accompanying their resourceful and ecological approach to hygiene, Kennedy will be showcasing their Fully Integrated Washroom Dispenser Range which encompasses hygiene systems for: Hand Drying, Hand Washing, Feminine Hygiene, Air Freshening, Sanitising and Toilet Tissue.

This set of products has been precisely engineered and aesthetically designed for cost control and ease of service and is both innovative and comprehensive. The range is offered with a diverse range of finishes; Classic, Designer and Premier, to suit any environment.

See us at the Clean 2011 Show, Las Vegas Nevada. Booth 1274, from the 6th to 9th June 2011


Jeffery B Woods
Kennedy Hygiene Products Limited

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