UK And Swedish Defence Groups Sign New Deal

A|D|S and SOFF Memorandum of Understanding signed to promote bilateral trade

by Samuel Jones | Tuesday 5 April 2011

A|D|S, the UK’s AeroSpace, Defence and Security trade organisation, will sign a cooperative Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Swedish Security & Defence (SOFF) on Tuesday 05 April 2011 in Stockholm.

The UK and Swedish defence industries have worked closely on several major platforms, and this agreement will foster increased cooperation between the members of the two organisations, as well as achieve economies of effort on joint initiatives. The MoU seeks to achieve these goals on behalf of the industries of both nations to boost both trade in this strategic sector and the economies of both countries.

Rees Ward, Chief Executive of A|D|S, said: “As the success of recent defence projects have demonstrated, UK/Swedish industrial cooperation and supply chain relationships are exceptionally strong and well established.

“The UK defence and security industries are strong believers of working in partnership with local industries. This MoU will help to facilitate such an approach with Swedish companies by building on past achievements and continuing good relations to our respective industries’ mutual benefit.“

Mr Peter Lundberg, Chairman of SOFF, said: “The cooperation between our two countries has been very prosperous for many years and there are a lot of good examples showing that. Business today is more than ever a question of cooperation and I am sure that, by signing the MOU between our associations, new doors will open for business between our members.”


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