Ronfell Group Launches New Website For Energy Saving Lighting

Ronfell's products and services allow architects, specifiers and lighting designers to achieve new heights in energy efficient saving and detection technology in building design

by John Ronfell | Friday 11 March 2011

Old and newer properties can be upgraded with this retrofit new system which offers a return on capital of two years and electrical energy saving of 86% with massive carbon emissions savings.

SMD lighting control reduces electrical energy costs. re-lamping maintenance costs, heating or cooling costs and health and safety issues in Hotels, Offices, Factories, Ships, Schools, Warehouses, Food factories, Car parks, Garages and Military
applications to name a few.

Dynamically switching to SMD Lamps, Floodlights, High Bays and Lightbulbs replaces High Frequency Ballast / Choke Starters and reduces maintenance costs by 9 years together with massive carbon emission savings.

Food factories requiring IK7 glass policy protection can use the polycarbonate non toxic SMD Lighting (Similar to Fluorescents Tubes). Explosionproof Light Fittings are available in Zone 1 & 2 with Atex and Exed Accreditation.

Emergency lighting is also available in standard and explosion proof light fitting using SMD technology giving 8 Hours Life allowing safe evacuation of buildings.

The new website can be seen at


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