No Filter Too Fine For Croft

When thru-tubing specialists Hunting Welltonic Ltd needed a finer tool for filtering sand from an oil well, they knew who to call

by Rob Watkins | Thursday 10 March 2011

On the recommendation of friends in the industry, they contacted Croft Engineering Services and within two weeks received the right tool for the job. Croft designed and manufactured four bespoke filters for Hunting Welltonic’s operation, due to get underway in the middle of February.

Hunting had planned to remove the sand using a Venturi Junk Basket. This tool was already equipped with filters, but the apertures were not small enough to catch the sand particles. The new fine mesh filters supplied by Croft have much smaller apertures, allowing a more efficient removal of sand from the well.

The mean diameter of the sand particulate Hunting needed to remove was 102.26 microns – Croft produced filters with a range of apertures, some as small as 80 microns, to allow Hunting to determine which were the most effective.

Grant Forsyth, Operations Engineer at Hunting Welltonic, said: “The service we got from Croft was excellent. They supplied exactly what we required in a very short delivery time. “From the moment we contacted them they couldn’t have been more helpful.”

Croft partner Neil Burns said: “We are very pleased we were able to help Hunting with their operation. “That we produced the filters they needed for the job proves there really is no filter too fine for Croft!”


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