Everbuild Are The Torque Of The Trade

Everbuild Building Products is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new ultimate high grab strength adhesive: Maximum Torque

by Emma Whittaker | Tuesday 8 March 2011

Maximum Torque is based on next generation hybrid polymer technology and is the ultimate high grab adhesive, providing a level of immediate grab strength not previously possible with cartridge packed adhesives. The unique polymer blend used in Maximum Torque gives incredible initial grab, typically double that of most grab adhesives on the market today, eliminating the need for temporary support in most applications.

Maximum Torque has the ability to bond basically EVERYTHING to ANYTHING in virtually all conditions, even in the wet. Where other adhesives promise to replace Nails and Screws, MAXIMUM TORQUE even replaces Nuts & Bolts in many applications.

Maximum Torque has been tested extensively to ensure that it can outperform other adhesives available on the market, and Everbuild have even set up a Maximum Torque Challenge Video to prove this. To see this video visit our website

For more information on the Maximum Torque or any other product within the Everbuild range please contact your Everbuild Sales Representative, or contact the Everbuild Sales Office on +44 (0) 113 240 2424.


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