The Effectiveness Of ChairSafe Disinfectant Foam Cleaner

ChairSafe disinfectant foam cleaner is available in 200ml bottles, 1L and 5L refill containers and with the new Kemdent range of durable and economy wipes

by Belinda Mayoh | Tuesday 1 March 2011

ChairSafe disinfectant is alcohol free. It’s mode of action makes it very effective against HBV / HIV / HCV / BVDV / Vaccinia, bactericidal and fungicidal micro-organisms, MRSA and influenza A (H1N1) viruses (pathogens of swine flu).

ChairSafe XL Wipes are available in 250 piece packs of Heavy Duty or 600 Economy Wipes. They hold the disinfectant on the surface of the wipe enabling the user to clean all surfaces effectively and evenly. This is an excellent time to buy ChairSafe XL Wipes. They are available on a buy two get one free offer.

HTM 01-05 published by the UK Department of Health, recommends that Dental Chairs be cleaned between every patient to minimise the dispersal of microorganisms. ChairSafe is specially formulated to clean sensitive surfaces and equipment, including the leather and synthetic facings of dental chairs. ChairSafe disinfectants comply with the newly reclassified EC regulations regarding the disinfection of medical devices, and all carry the CE mark.


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