Gard Chemicals Launch New Safety Floor Cleaner

ALTRA GARD is a new product specifically formulated for cleaning safety floors

by Jim Knox | Thursday 17 February 2011

Traditional floor cleaners / hard surface cleaners have been used for many years but these products were developed to clean smooth surfaces only and will not lift the stubborn dirt from the minute indentations of safety floors.

ALTRA GARD is a “built” cleaner containing a unique blend of penetrants and surfactants to lift all the surface ‘indentation dirt’ of safety flooring and hold it in suspension for ease of wiping, mopping or suction allowing safety floors to be restored to a ‘new condition’.

This new product development is aimed at Bus Companies, Colleges, Food Factories, Health Clubs, Hospitals, Hotels, Leisure Centres, Nursing Homes, Residential Homes, Schools, Universities and Vets.
Further details / samples can be obtained from Jim Know (see contact below)


Jim Knox
Larragard Ltd
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