Thumbs Up For Geotech Leachate Pumps

Service life is tough for pumps in corrosive leachate and fitness for purpose, high quality and guaranteed reliability carry a proportionate price

by Tony Trocian | Thursday 13 January 2011

Concerned to ensure it was offering best value for money, Geotech recently surveyed users of its AP Pumps. Customers spoke of their experiences saying that although AP Pumps do not have bargain-basement price tickets they offer excellent, top-level reliability and value for money.

Geotech asked about the reliability of its pumps in operation on site over others. One telling answer was, “The best way of demonstrating this is to say that the site managers all want the AP pumps on their sites and other pumps sent to other sites. Of course they all can’t have it that way.” Another said, “The pumps are the most reliable from any manufacturer - they will give many years of trouble free service.

“I think the APs are definitely considered quite expensive but then, from talking to other operators they still seem to have unrivalled reliability,” said another. “Very reliable,” “Good reliability,” and “Considering the environment these pumps work in and their reliability, we consider these pumps excellent value for money,” added others. They said they service the pumps from between every three to every six months and Geotech’s view is that routine inspection and servicing is key to a very long service life for a leachate pump.

Customers servicing pumps brings the Geotech aftersales product support into the spotlight and so it asked customers to rate its aftersales service. Customers said it is, “Excellent,” “Very good,” and “After sales assistance is, in our experience, the best we receive from any of our suppliers.”

Protecting CHP/gas engines in EfW

Another critical application for these pumps is in energy-from-waste (EfW) to remove condensate from landfill gas in knockout pots. These are vapour-liquid separators where the condensate collects in a dedicated chamber. As moist or even wet landfill gas is extracted and piped to the CHP engine a pressure/temperature change in the knockout pot cause moisture to condense. So as not to damage the engine it is absolutely essential that condensate is reliably pumped out and dryer gas goes to the EfW CHP engine. On that a customer volunteered, “The AP helps … to maintain compliance and reliability in knockout pots to keep gas engines running efficiently.”

The same customer added, “We have always found Geotech as a company to offer an excellent back up service with a wealth of knowledge, help and advice, very helpful in the selection of pumps prior to purchase. With reference to the purchase of pumps for a new installation Geotech always monitors the performance and reliability of the pumps, and is always available to make any comments or suggestions on how best to improve or help the installation.”

PPC / Remediation

Geotech asked, how its AP pumps assist in PPC permitting and received this telling answer: “We have a number of remote sites which depend on reliable extraction as part of Permit Improvement Conditions to remove an agreed volume of leachate and so it is vital that the pumps run reliably without any supervision. The Geotech AP pump is ideal for this situation.”

Worldclass - survival of the fittest

The dependability and user experience of Geotech UK-supplied AP pumps underpinned a recent order for 20 for a country in the Middle East and earlier about 70 for China. The further afield the pumps go the more they are ‘on their own’ in some remote corners of the world where servicing only starts when things go wrong – regardless of the cause. Here AP pumps fare well. Further global client testament to AP Pumps’ quality, durability and reliability comes from their use worldwide for the last 25 years not only in the tough environment of corrosive leachate but in less well developed markets where for any pump it is the survival of the fittest.


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