Tailor Made Hydraulic Gear Pumps From White House Products

White House Products Ltd, a worldwide supplier of hydraulic components specialises in the supply of hydraulic gear pumps and in particular ones unique to particular OEM applications

by Alastair MacMillan | Friday 27 December 2019

As part of our service we build gear pumps to customer specifications from a choice of 18 styles in a mix of cast iron and aluminium gear housings and a range of displacements from 0.89cc/rev to 240cc/rev.

These units can be built in singles, tandems, triples, quads, piggybacks, single inlets with multiple outlets or whatever a customer requires. Port connections are your choice subject to the space available on the pump. A large range of different mounting flanges are available as standard but we also make a growing range of specials for customer specific projects.

With White House Products’s Tailor made build program we take the waiting out of wanting and are able to supply you with a bespoke gear pump within a few days that you may otherwise have to wait in excess of three months for.

You could be forgiven for assuming that you will pay a substantial premium for this service but will I believe be extremely pleasantly surprised by the prices quoted. In many cases they are less than paid for equivalent units on normal manufacturer lead times.

The most popular range is the Group 2 size: PAS12 which offers displacements from 2.5cc/rev to 32.9cc/rev and comes with an enormous range of standard shaft and flange options. These units incorporate a number of unique features with very high pressure shaft seals and a unique bearing design giving these pumps an extremely high performance when under test.

We find that customers using this service are either looking for a prototype pump for a particular application or to replace a unit that is either obsolete, no longer available, on an extended lead time or unjustifiably expensive.

The PAS12 covers the group 2 aluminium frame size while PAS17 covers the group 3 Aluminium frame size. We also build to order the entire Parker European aluminium & cast iron ranges PGP502, 505, 511, 517, 620 & 640, the Hydreco R4,S4,R5,S5,R6,S6 and S7 ranges of cast iron gear pumps and the Danfoss group 2 aluminium frame size SNP2 and the cast iron D series pumps. All options can be ported with whatever you require provided it can be fitted to the relevant faces and if the mounting flange is not already designed we can normally make whatever is required.

The Hydreco S series units provide us with the capability of supplying units from 16-240cc/rev that are almost completely silent due to the helical gear design used in this family of pumps. These units are ideal for applications where extremely quiet operation is required such as on ferries and cruise ships.

Having the whole Parker range allows us to manufacture units incorporating more than one size range so if you require a PGP620 cast iron unit on the front with a PGP511 one on the back it can be done. The cast iron Danfoss D series offers and extremely compact high pressure range in single or multiple units that are capable of fitting into tight space envelopes such as on mobile machinery.

We have built, over the years, many variants from all the ranges available with the smallest being from the PGP502 weighing less than 1kg each and the biggest being multiple Hydreco S7 units weighing in at just over 200kg.

Please ask White House Products Ltd to quote for your hydraulic gear pump requirements and if we can’t offer the unit you require from stock we will endeavour to quote for one from our Tailor made range.


Jim Bryce
White House Products Ltd
+44 1475 742500

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