Mabey Bridge To Demo Digital Engineering Expertise For The Military At Defence And Security Equipment International In London

Spearheading innovation with the introduction of a digital Line of Communication Bridge Training Aid

by Fiona Ranson-Sasaki | Tuesday 10 September 2019

Leading bridge and engineering services specialist Mabey Bridge will continue to lead the future of military modular bridging at Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) in London from September 10-13, 2019. Exhibiting on Stand S3-430 in the UK Pavilion, Mabey Bridge will be demonstrating its military digital engineering capabilities which enable customers to define, design, procure and install their solutions more efficiently.

Visitors to the stand will be able to explore Mabey Bridge's Logistic Support Bridge (LSB)in augmented and virtual reality, which enables three-dimensional scrutiny of LSB structures in multiple configurations. They will also be able to engage, for the first time, with Mabey Bridge's new LSB' Digital Training Aid, which will launch at the show and which uses brilliant graphics and animations to bring the LSB training manual to life.

Mabey Bridge's LSB is the lighter, stronger, modern successor to the original Bailey Bridge developed during World War II. It combines the original benefits of the Bailey Bridge - rapid erection, simple to build, robust modular design and fully interchangeable standard components - with more modern materials, steel decking, integral grillages and a fully adjustable ramp system. The ground beam and grillage system, unique to the LSB, enables construction on greenfield sites with no special preparation required. Widely used by NATO nations, the LSB is the natural choice for military engineers and civil defence organisations. System attributes include:

* Exceptional Value: LSB is a Line of Communication Bridging System (LOCB) with countless decades of in-service life and exceptionally low ownership costs.
* Operational Support: 'Reachback' support can be an operational game-changer and Mabey Bridge's engineers can be available to support disaster relief or operational deployments.
* Limitless Capability: Cross single span gaps at Military Load Class (MLC) 80T, across a clear span of 60m, or build multi-span bridges hundreds of metres long over wet and dry-gap crossings using LSB piers, existing piers, or floating pontoons for wet gap crossings.
* Optimised for Greenfield Crossings: Mabey Bridge's unique LSB grillages and fully adjustable ramps allow swift construction on greenfield sites with the absolute minimum of preparation.
* LSB Training Module: The training module is a highly cost-effective way of training troops with the minimum of equipment

"We're really passionate about being at the forefront of digitalisation in our industry" commented Michael Treacy, CEO, Mabey Bridge. "We continue to focus on and invest in technology-enabled tools, and we look forward to showcasing our achievements to our military customers this year at DSEI."

About Mabey Bridge
Mabey Bridge is a leading international provider of high-quality modular bridging solutions. We specialise in rapid-build, pre-engineered modular steel bridges to enable accelerated bridge construction in urban and rural areas. We also deliver bridging solutions for the construction, oil and gas, and mining sectors, as well as for specialist military applications, humanitarian emergencies and disaster relief.

Mabey Bridge, an Acrow Group company, is based in Gloucestershire, UK and has supplied modular bridging solutions to over 150 countries worldwide.


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