In Line Magnetic Pipe Filter From Flowflex

There are a variety of Magnetic Pipe Filters on the market, each differ in design and in the materials used

by Daniel Jones | Tuesday 3 July 2018

However none offer an In-line, compact design with exceptional quality like the Flowflex Magnetic Pipe Filter.

The Magnetic Pipe Filter was developed by day-today plumber, Neil Johnson.

Frustrated by what the magnetic pipe filter market had to offer Neil set about making his own using high quality materials and his extensive experience.

The unique design sits in-line with the flow of water, primarily to make the filter more conspicuous, compared to other designs which are often unsightly and protrude out taking up space. The In Line Filter is the perfect solution for installations in confined spaces and restricted areas.

Moreover, the design allows for a more efficient collection of ferrous waste from the central heating system, due to the large surface area of the magnets inside.

Unlike other plastic designs, the In Line Magnetic Pipe Filter, which is built using only high-quality brass and brass valves manufactured by Flowflex, provides ultimate reliability, peace of mind and value for money.


Paul Niklas
Flowflex Components Ltd
+44 1298 77211

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